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Plagiarism against intellegence

Plagiarism obviously raises the issue of intellectual property. It would be wrong to believe that this phenomenon is recent, concurrent with the emergence of the Internet and foremost the fact of youth. In reality, the problem is as old as the world and many intellectuals among the most famous were the victims … or authors. […]

Business Support Tool That You Need

Time surely change many things. But the essence is still the same. In order to keep and grow the number of customer that you have, your service will be the key. You can start it with a simple smile. Then you can try to build your product and service. Having more customers is a good […]

Eyeglasses Online Shop

It is very easy to find online shop now, you only need to connect with internet then browse about online shop. There are many products are offered to you, such as clothes, accessories, watch, portable handheld, eyeglasses, and many more. If you decide to order eyeglasses from online shop, you have to choose a trustworthy […]

Facebook and its current monetization plan

Facebook is one of those initiatives that we cry to see them did not I think of that! and it is so logical that the interest in the idea of ​​a community based on common interests, anyone could imagine, but not necessarily create it. The programmatic role of Facebook does not have any science to […]

Greece threatens to leave and Europe trembles

For Europe the danger of withdrawal of Greece from the European community is imminent, although the signal that left everyone stunned was the massive withdrawal of savings Greeks in different banks. Europe says that mass is much better prepared to face the most obvious withdrawal of Greece from the popular European community, however, there are […]

Business Process Improvement by Applying NOW Management System

Measuring every possibility is one of ways to run your organization effectively. One way to run your organization effectively is by using process improvement. This kind of process is a good option for those who want to save more money. The main purpose of this kind of improvement is taking the waste out and you […]

Facebook, the company best price but low

Facebook still remains the most valued technology company, but falters a bit during his first days in the bag. During his second day in the stock market, shares of Facebook fell 12% average costing $ 33 instead of $ 38 that just started last Friday. Be worth over 100 billion dollars spent on Facebook moment […]

Facebook jumps to the public this Friday

The news related to the opening of Facebook on Wall Street have shocked many Internet sites – not all – and rightly so, because with a final price of $ 38 per share, the company ends up being worth as much as 104 million dollars and breaks the record for the highest rated U.S. company […]

What we are building from failure

We are increasingly proud of the articles we have published about a subject as interesting as it is the failure and its relationship to success and personal fulfillment. While there is much material in this regard, we wanted to base our development in the thinking of John Maxwell, who in each of his works and […]

We can not succeed without fail before

Economic Situation In our site we have published several articles related to the success and failure, and because of that we also had the opportunity to talk with some of our readers on the subject more interesting results. One of the biggest dilemmas generated to read this type of content is the connotation of failure […]

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