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The Polycom Story

Polycom was established back in 1990 by co-founders Jeffrey Rodman and Brian L Hinman, work colleagues from Picture Tel Corp. The company is now a world leader in voice communication solutions employing more than 3000 people with a turnover worth more than a billion dollars – that’s some fast work, they must be doing something […]

Get the Ease in Getting Your Favorites Videos

Do you like watching videos so much? Or you like to save amazing videos from youtube to your mac? You download your favorite videos, but you cannot watch them on your iTunes because the format is not suitable with your iTunes. Surely, you have to convert the video first so the video format can be […]

Get More Pleasure of Converting Your Videos or DVDs

Get difficulty when you want to convert the favorite videos or DVD to your Mac? You get so much confused why is can happen? You already get your Mac updated, but still you can’t convert the videos and DVD with Handbrake? So many questions in your mind that can make you so bewilder. Take it […]

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