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Samsung Galaxy Note 3: will soon red and white gold versions

Samsung has become accustomed to its terminal decline in several colors and Galaxy Note 3 will apparently not an exception . It is currently available in black or white, two new versions will soon be entering the market. Starting next year , it would be possible to buy a Galaxy Note 3 red … or […]

Facebook will soon allow you to put your favorite publications aside, like a Pocket

Facebook will soon roll out a new feature on our accounts, a feature likely to interest the larger world as it would allow us to save some publications for you to navigate back later. Just as we would do with Pocket , Instapaper and other similar services , in short. It seems that this function […]

Twitter will verify your age when you want to take alcohol brands

There is a little bit of everything on Twitter, and finally each user is benefiting: the blogger can make the day before, the average user can communicate, the community manager can promote its brand. It is this latter aspect that we will discuss here: since Twitter has largely developed brands have flooded the social network, […]

Amazon: new Kindle Paperwhite for the second quarter 2014

Amazon introduced last September a new Kindle Paperwhite repeating the same lines as the previous model, while some new appartant friendly with a faster processor and a screen enjoying a better contrast. If you believe TechCrunch, the giant e-commerce would not want to stop there and it might as well start in the second quarter […]

The digital can renew rail services

On the occasion of the annual conference of Salesforce in San Francisco, The Workshop met Mathieu Belouar who presented the digital strategy of the SNCF and strategies to monetize this deployment. Guillaume Pepy during the presentation of the Excellence Plan 2020 SNCF last October had insisted on digital development at the global scale of the […]

Motorola created a tattoo to make calls

Motorola has filed a patent for a new communication tool similar to a tattoo to include spending more audible calls in loud places . Although still fairly marginal , market tools online is booming . Players and digital telecommunications redouble their creativity to make life easier for consumers. After Google Glass , the smartwatches and […]

Digital Identity: use of personal data or growth element?

At the debate on the commercial use of personal data and on public surveillance, digital identity is it part of the sovereign areas of the state and she has an economic impact ? In 2025 , a quarter of the world’s population will have an account on a social network. But if the data from […]

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