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Vine will soon set up custom URLs

Vine will soon implement a new likely to interest the greatest number: custom URLs! Incredible, no? And certainly everyone has an account on the platform will soon be able to request their own address. When? How? Why? So many questions, so few answers … All social networks, or nearly all, are long gone for custom […]

# Asus soon a touchscreen tablet 8 inch Windows 8.1?

If you are looking for a mobile touch pad and giving direct access to all the richness and possibilities, Windows 8.1, then this information from Mobile Geeks will fill you with joy. According to the website, Asus is actually working on a new touch pad incorporating an 8-inch screen, a tablet would be as compact […]

Twitter: a retrospective of the year 2013 in some hashtags

After Yahoo, YouTube and Facebook, it is the turn of Twitter to launch a retrospective to celebrate the end of the year. An interesting retrospective, taking the form of a long timeline depicting the most significant events of the last twelve months. With a good dose of hashtags, of course, but also some extracts tweets […]

Towards a LG G2 Mini?

Builders took the habit to decline their various flagships in more compact and less powerful versions. LG is preparing to do the same by lifting the veil on LG G2 Mini. However, the company could apply the same strategy as Sony by attacking only the size of the terminal, and not its technical specifications. That […]

LG have finally out a Nexus 8 in preparation

A mysterious reference in connection with a new LG product from short few weeks on canvas. The LG- V510 is his name, has caused much ink and it was the same question, the latest news , whether it does in reality a variant of LG G Pad 8.3. @ evleaks , for its part, does […]

The Knowledge Graph Google will be interested in cars

For a long time , Google has simply answer questions from users returning their simple lists of web sites. As to the search engine is enriched with a number of features . The most notable recent years is the arrival of the Knowledge Graph , is this funny sidebar capable of displaying information based on […]

Slightly damaged tablet screen quick fix

Once you break your tablet screen by accident, there are other options to avail aside from buying a brand new device as replacement. In fact, there are at least three actions you can perform independently– first, buy a tablet touch screen and install it by yourself; second, ask device experts for help which means you […]

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