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The richest people in the world 2014

This week, Forbes magazine published its most famous list, that of “Most millionaires in the world” (The World’s Billionaires) and in recent years the top are repeated, Slim is again the richest man and wealth are more big. Know the 10 richest people in the world 2014.

The Virtues of Direct Mail Marketing

The field of marketing has exploded in many different directions due to all the new technologies available today. And yet, the more traditional marketing forms such as direct mail marketing are still as effective as they ever were. Unlike the more modern forms, direct mail has a proven record of success, as demonstrated by such […]

The most valuable soccer teams in the world 2014

There is no doubt that football is the most profitable sport in the world, we have seen the economic and social power in the global past. This week, Forbes magazine published its list of most valuable teams 2014 football world.

The importance of the “discount”

Today most companies that sell products or offer services have seen a discount scheme for its customers, including it’s a way to advertise and gain more public acceptance. But when is a good time to give a discount and what are the best reasons to do so. Here are some tips that can be very […]

The richest families in the United States

We had already talked about the most important family businesses, this time we follow that line of family and offer them 10 richest families in America. Families who have created a consolidated empire for many years and therefore are amassing a large fortune. Know the top 10 richest families in the United Kingdom according to […]

The most common mistakes when we started working

Sign our first job is certainly an achievement, even today when the job market is so competitive. But many emotions, inexperience and the very vehemence of youth makes us make some mistakes when we started working. If this is your situation, take note and beware of these common mistakes when we started working focused on […]

The 10 largest companies in the world

Today Fortune magazine has released its list of the most famous companies in the world “Global 500” ranking the 500 most important companies in the world. Let’s look at the top 10, which have undergone some changes compared to the 2013 list.

Predictions of @espejomx

On Tuesday afternoon of June 3 Lima trembled because an earthquake of 5.4 degrees, a fact that would not be surprising or unusual, as the Peruvian capital is located in the so-called “Pacific belt “seismic plate that shakes all the coastal cities of the Pacific Ocean, which caught the attention of all and sundry is […]

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