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Entrepreneurs you should follow on Twitter

Twitter has become one of the best communication tools in the business world, that is why Forbes magazine has published an interesting list of the most important and successful entrepreneurs in this network; active members tweeting and sharing secrets, data and tips about business.

Global corruption index

The NGO Transparency International has published a comprehensive study of the corruption index in the world. This time as Asia leads the continent with ma corruption, followed closely by Africa. Occupying Somalia as the most corrupt country in the world. This study was performed in 177 of the world, on a scale of 0 to […]

The 10 highest paid athletes in the world 2014

Forbes magazine has just published its list of the highest paid women in the sports world. Again the beautiful Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova is placed first on the list as the highest paid athlete in the world.

Best Cities to Live

Today the Intelligence Unit of The Economist (EIU) has released an interesting list of the best and worst cities to live, ranking based on points such as economic stability, freedom, healthcare, education, environment, culture and infrastructure.

The young and famous world’s richest

Forbes magazine this week reveals what young people under 25 celebrities who have more money are on the planet. Know the young and famous world’s richest.

The most indebted countries in the world

If we think of countries with debts perhaps the first thing that comes to mind are those countries that are immersed in poverty or extreme poverty, a far cry from reality, some of the most indebted countries in the world are the richest ironically.

Using technology within your company

The technology is a long time between us, but in recent years the technological advancement has made ​​great strides and it is inevitable it in the day. In the workplace technology has also been very helpful, but are we taking advantage of it 100% ?. Here are some tips to get the most out of […]

When did the war in Gaza

Soon a month of terrible war in Gaza will be fulfilled, low-Palestinian Gaza amounted to 1717 (1176 were civilians, 377 children and 196 women), across 67 Israelis have been killed (64 soldiers, 2 civilians and a foreign ). But apart from these sad figures, we know really why is the war in Gaza, since when […]

The Silence of the United States and Europe over the war in Gaza

The war in Gaza does not meet even one month and now they killed 1300 Palestinians in whom 75% are civilians, the other side have fallen 55 Israeli victims, mostly military. These are the tragic figures announcing the United Nations. Last Wednesday was bombed a school in the refugee camp Jabaliy UN in Gaza, this […]

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