3 Reasons Why Expert Testimony is Important to Your Case

Whether you are the defendant or plaintiff in a court case, the verdict coming out in your favor depends on a variety of factors. When the facts are on your side, of course, you’re more likely to win the case, but a crafty lawyer can easily swing a judge and jury against you by simply creating reasonable doubt. expert witness testimony, therefore, becomes a crucial component of your case, and here are three reasons why that is true.

Expert Witnesses are Impartial

Expert witnesses do not have a dog in the fight. They simply make themselves available to confirm information that relates to their area expertise like banking, finance and science. Since these types of witnesses are not biased, juries and judges are less likely to be weary of the information they confirm, deny or give. Additionally, because expert witnesses are viewed as having high ethical standards and morals, they’re not seen as individuals who are trying to sway a case in one direction or another.

Expert Witnesses as Experts

Expert witnesses are hired because they can professionally offer relevant facts and insight as to why a situation could have evolved in one direction or another. Without intending to, a case can get broken wide open because they set down the steps required for an outcome. More importantly, through their testimony, motive can be revealed. If a person sold their stocks in a company, for example, and those stocks plummeted the following day, an expert can determine insider trading was a factor and not losing thousands of dollars was the motive.

Expert Witnesses Have Court Experience

Witnesses who happen to witness an event by chance and witnesses who are related somehow to the defendant or plaintiff are not always reliable when they’re testifying, and lawyers are well aware of this fact. The lawyer’s job, hence, is to expose holes in the witness testimony. An expert witness has court testimony, so they are not tripped up by crafty lawyers. They are paid to do one job, and if they hope to land another, they ensure that their delivery is to the point and on topic.

Being a defendant or plaintiff in a court case is stressful, and knowing that the verdict could go either way adds to that anxiety. An expert witness can help your case by simply highlighting the facts.

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