Amazon: new Kindle Paperwhite for the second quarter 2014

Amazon introduced last September a new Kindle Paperwhite repeating the same lines as the previous model, while some new appartant friendly with a faster processor and a screen enjoying a better contrast. If you believe TechCrunch, the giant e-commerce would not want to stop there and it might as well start in the second quarter of next year, a new upscale reading lamp capable of competing with the terminal given by the competition.

A competition is increasingly fierce. Amazon did not invent digital reading light, but it still presented the concept to date and he even paid the luxury of making the popular ebook. He has since been joined by a number of competing firms determined to battle, firms which also have their strong points.nouveau-kindle-paperwhite-2014

Kindle Paperwhite is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful creations of the American giant . If it looks at all terminals of the range, it has a strong argument : the screen is bright. In other words , it can be used in all conditions , even in complete darkness . Add to that some interesting features, such as the integration of the Goodreads platform.

Matthew Panzarino would have had the opportunity to see with his own eyes a prototype of the new Kindle Paperwhite is working on Amazon . All the details are not yet known but it would benefit from a redesigned for the occasion with a touch screen from the edges of the terminal design , a screen covered with glass and capable of displaying a resolution of 300 dpi. Yes, we are talking about a higher resolution than the Kobo Aura HD .

Amazon have also incorporated a haptic feedback on the edges of the screen to improve the user experience. The best is yet to come because the giant also work on a new font designed for special writing this screen, police will probably be extended to other eReaders present in its catalog.


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