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melbourneToday the Intelligence Unit of The Economist (EIU) has released an interesting list of the best and worst cities to live, ranking based on points such as economic stability, freedom, healthcare, education, environment, culture and infrastructure.


Capital and largest city of the Australian state of Victoria, Australian Capital once (between 1901 and 1927). Already in 2011 he was voted the best city to live by high levels of quality of life and lower registers of poverty. This year takes up the top of the list.


Beautiful capital city of Austria, bathed by the waters of the Danube. It is an old and steeped in history, one of the oldest capital city in Europe.


For over 10 years, this Canadian city offers one of the best quality of life in the world. Famous for its tranquility and peace.


Capital of the province of Ontario, another major Canadian cities like Vancouver, offers a high quality of life for its inhabitants.


One of the most populated cities in Australia, the state capital of South Australia. Also focuses much of the financial strength of the oceanic continent.


The most important city of the state of Alberta. He was also described as “the cleanest city in the world.”


Capital of the state of New South Wales. It is the largest, most populous and largest city in Australia.


Capital and largest and most important, famous for being a beautiful city, very quiet resort town of Finland.


Capital of the state of Western Australia, famous for being the city with over a million inhabitants is more isolated in the world.


The most important South Pacific Australia city. A city with many opportunities and quality of life. Curiously this city has no public transportation.

The country’s cities with the best quality of life is Australia, with five among the top 10 cities to live in the world, followed by Canada with 3 cities in the listing.

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