The best countries for aging

ndiceThe British organization HelpAge has just published an interesting ranking of the Global AgeWatch Index, in which it is determined what the best countries in the world are aging. This list was made ​​based on four factors: income security, health, personal skills and favorable social environment.

In this ranking have included 96 countries throughout the world, where are the 91% of people over 60 years worldwide.

The best countries for aging

The best country for old is Norway, followed by Sweden, which occupied the top of the ranking last year. The third is to Canada, followed by Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Iceland United States and Japan in ninth place, country famous for its long-lived inhabitants; and closing the top 10 the UK.

Notably, the top ten this ranking except for Japan, all other countries are in Western Europe and North America, and is also the Nordic countries the present. We should also note that these are countries with strong economies, a high Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita, large pension, and good health systems.

At the opposite end of the list, ie the worst countries to age, are in 96th place in Afghanistan (95) Mozambique (94) Gaza Strip (93) Malawi, (92) Tanzania (91) Pakistan (90) Jordan (89) Uganda (88) Zambia, and (87) Iraq. Countries opposed to the first there is a poor quality of life, health care and low life expectancy.

The best countries for aging in Latin America

The first country on the list is Chile is ranked 22nd on the list, one of the countries with the most stable economies in recent years in Latin America. Tailgater (23) Uruguay (24), Panama (26) Costa Rica (30) Mexico (31) Argentina), (33) Ecuador (42) Peru (51) Bolivia (52) Colombia, (54) Nicaragua, (57) Resume (58) Brazil (60) Dominican Republic (63) Guatemala, (66) Paraguay (75) Honduras and closing the list of Venezuela in the Latin countries since 76 worth note that Cuba has not been included in this ranking.

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