How to build a good team

equipo-de-trabajo_0Having a solid team is very important for success and optimally achieve the goals, that is why before forming a team we need to consider some important details. Below are 5 tips Forbes magazine to form a solid team.

Clear and specific goals

Before forming a team we should be clear all objectives and goals to achieve with this “team.” Create a plan with clear and specific goals, trasmítalo your team and also be clear what the function of each. It should be as clear as possible on this issue, explaining topics such as deadlines, budgets, responsibilities, resource availability etc.

A good leader

A team must have a head, a leader that commands and manage the team. It is essential to choose a suitable person to lead your team, as well as being a person with leadership skills, confidence should be and must be qualified in the work that is going to play, remember to take into account details such as empathy with other members of his team and experience.

Always point higher

Must transmit to the members of your team that “excellence” is sought, there is no room for mediocrity. Should make clear that you should achieve quality work and that’s what this team has been formed.

Priority talent

They say that a good leader is the one who knows how to choose his team and the people you work with, and it’s true. Must give priority to talent, people who make a difference and that they contribute, although not always easy to work with.

A good strategy

If you already have a good leader, a project manager to take care of the details and keep you informed, you should now have a good strategy for development. It is clear that this strategy should be done before or when the team is recruiting members (based on their skills). Do not waste time on small things, we already have a project manager, focus on developing your strategy and the goals.

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