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Yahoo a racheté Aviate

Yahoo has introduced some interesting news at his press conference of CES 2014. Innovations such as the promising News Digest to name him. Marissa Mayer, however, did not stop the new products developed by its engineers. In fact, it has also raised its latest acquisition: Aviate. Yes, it is indeed that famous launcher for Android. […]

iPhone 6: two models, one phablette?

The iPhone 6 is again about him, this time with information emanating directly from Foxconn. Several internal sources have actually contacted CTech to evoke the next smartphone headed or rather the next two smartphones produced by Apple. For indeed, the bitten apple should gratify us with two new mobile this year with a 4.7 inch […]

Vine will soon set up custom URLs

Vine will soon implement a new likely to interest the greatest number: custom URLs! Incredible, no? And certainly everyone has an account on the platform will soon be able to request their own address. When? How? Why? So many questions, so few answers … All social networks, or nearly all, are long gone for custom […]

# Asus soon a touchscreen tablet 8 inch Windows 8.1?

If you are looking for a mobile touch pad and giving direct access to all the richness and possibilities, Windows 8.1, then this information from Mobile Geeks will fill you with joy. According to the website, Asus is actually working on a new touch pad incorporating an 8-inch screen, a tablet would be as compact […]

LG have finally out a Nexus 8 in preparation

A mysterious reference in connection with a new LG product from short few weeks on canvas. The LG- V510 is his name, has caused much ink and it was the same question, the latest news , whether it does in reality a variant of LG G Pad 8.3. @ evleaks , for its part, does […]

Slightly damaged tablet screen quick fix

Once you break your tablet screen by accident, there are other options to avail aside from buying a brand new device as replacement. In fact, there are at least three actions you can perform independently– first, buy a tablet touch screen and install it by yourself; second, ask device experts for help which means you […]

The digital can renew rail services

On the occasion of the annual conference of Salesforce in San Francisco, The Workshop met Mathieu Belouar who presented the digital strategy of the SNCF and strategies to monetize this deployment. Guillaume Pepy during the presentation of the Excellence Plan 2020 SNCF last October had insisted on digital development at the global scale of the […]

Motorola created a tattoo to make calls

Motorola has filed a patent for a new communication tool similar to a tattoo to include spending more audible calls in loud places . Although still fairly marginal , market tools online is booming . Players and digital telecommunications redouble their creativity to make life easier for consumers. After Google Glass , the smartwatches and […]

Digital Identity: use of personal data or growth element?

At the debate on the commercial use of personal data and on public surveillance, digital identity is it part of the sovereign areas of the state and she has an economic impact ? In 2025 , a quarter of the world’s population will have an account on a social network. But if the data from […]

Amazing Benefits of Merchant Cash Advance

It can be especially common for us to discover in tight economic at this time. The moment you feel that there is no method to correct their personal problems, consider a merchant cash advance. Provides all people the chance to earn income for the organization provides in an effective way without a lot of conditions. […]

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