Choice is Not Something That I Will Ever Take for Granted

Everyone gets a chance to pick with energy providers in Texas that they want to buy service from. It’s really very nice. Some people take that for granted because they have always had that advantage, but I have not. I love having freedom of more options. When you live in some other states it is not possible because of regulations. I think that living here is really nice and the size of the state and city that I live in have far more advantages for me than not.

I used to live in a state where much of the entire state was very rural. It is not uncommon to visit a city and learn that there are only homes or trailers to live in. There are no apartments. Actually, living in a trailer is very nice if you live in a nice new one. And it is even better if you live on a large piece of property with no nearby neighbors to both you. In some cities, living in a trailer is frowned upon. But not where I’m from. It is a luxury to have a lot of space and a new mobile home to live. People tend to buy up homes quickly and they do not move because there are not enough homes to go around. Moving to a bustling urban area in Texas changed all that for me because there are a lot of vacant homes waiting for buyers where I live now.

I now have many more businesses that I can approach about a job now. If you’re in a rural area, there are often a lot of very small companies that provide services or products, and not much else. There are a lot of people competing for those jobs, too. But my big city has plenty of jobs to offer. I put in my resume at 20 different places last week, and 6 of them called me for interviews this week. The advantages here are fantastic to me.

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