The most common mistakes of a rookie head

jefeThere’s a first time for everything and if we are in our jobs eventually will be “heads”. Although we have experience in our work, be boss changes the whole perspective and can easily fall prey to some common mistakes.

Do not ignore problems

Problems will always exist in a work environment, it is necessary to solve the head in the best way and at the right time, remembering that no problem is small. You have to be very tactful in handling a problem, especially if it involves drastic decisions like firing someone; maybe if you’re approaching fast they think he wants to impose his authority or if delay is much he does not care, or worse is not a good boss. Do not miss any problems and is Solomonic always, remember to be in favor of the group.

Think of the team

You should know that by being named chief, is given a power that should not be abused. Probably came commanded by their capacity, performance and leadership skills; do not rest on our laurels and think together. Now it is no longer your own, all that does is done according to a group or team. Remember that if your group fails, you fail.

Learn to delegate

Being boss does not make you the best at everything, although you can have power but but if it’s not on track it will not help. A good manager knows how to delegate, forget to do everything. Get organized with clear rules and start delegating wisely, find the potential of each of your team and get the best of it.

Do not stop on error

Never be paralyzed, especially if you made a mistake. A leader must have the ability to get up if he slips or falls, make amends and move on. If you make a mistake, acknowledge, amend and to provide experience never to commit and move on.

Do not focus on a single point

Many heads newbies make the mistake of focusing solely on the administrative. If you have been elected leader, should be in all areas or points of your work, all are important and valuable. Do not overlook anyone or anything.

Note: Article based on “First time boss? Avoid major in Original Sins “of BBC Capital

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