The most common mistakes when we started working

nuevoSign our first job is certainly an achievement, even today when the job market is so competitive. But many emotions, inexperience and the very vehemence of youth makes us make some mistakes when we started working. If this is your situation, take note and beware of these common mistakes when we started working focused on our personal and professional development.

Forget the future

While it’s true today is the most important thing at work, when we started a company does not envision a number of details that are very important and in the future. When referring to the future, we refer to retirement plans, insurance, contributions and other long-term incentives; properly manage these gains are a good way to secure our future. Once we’re in the boat’s time to think ahead.

Make us of many economic responsibilities

When we first started we believe that we can do everything, and started us in various financial responsibilities we had not before. Having a secure job with a salary does not mean you have to spend every penny we earn, or make us long-term debt to have the assurance that we will pay. Our economy must go hand in hand with our work and we should be cautious with our spending, it is best to gradually progress. There are many cases of young people who make large debts in the first month of work, such as buying a car.

Forgetting to save

Although it is very difficult in the first stage of labor and especially when we are just starting out, we can not forget to save. We can start with small amounts in line with our profits, putting savings in time deposits is a good idea that is also linked to the first point in this list (forget the future).

Stop studying

Achieving a position in a company and start our working lives does not mean we learn far rest on our laurels. A good professional never stops studying, trained, renew and learn. You can take courses related to your profession, learn other languages ​​and to stay current with trends in your profession.

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