Criminal defense lawyers

Criminal defense lawyers in New York have the opportunity to take on a wide range of cases that probably wouldn’t be available in other U.S. cities. High-profile lawsuits are quite common in NYC’s major industries such as finance. From Wall Street to Midtown Manhattan, there are plenty of financial institutions that get into legal trouble. Securities fraud is perhaps one of the most common white-collar crimes that is committed in New York. Insider trading on the New York Stock Exchange gets stock brokers, investors and other financial professionals in trouble. Such white-collar crime is often monitored by federal authorities such as the Security Exchange Commission.

Tax evasion is another white-collar crime that’s on top of the list of illegal action in NYC’s financial sector. Corporations might owe millions of dollars in unpaid taxes to city, county, state and federal agencies. The IRS aggressively pursues any businesses that have not paid their fair share of taxes. Accountants in corporate firms often get into legal trouble because of improper or dishonest tax filings. The bottom line is that criminal defense attorneys in New York City have the expertise and confidence to handle white-collar crime in local, state and federal courts. Some of these lawyers get quite excited about defending clients in high-profile cases often held in downtown Manhattan’s civic district.

Criminal defense attorneys might even embrace the spotlight of high-profile cases. Such legal experts can use the mass media as a platform to prove that not all corporate leaders are the “bad guys.” In a sense, the mainstream media often portrays white collar criminals as wealthy, dishonest business people who finally get what they deserve. Even if a white collar criminal is acquitted in trial, he or she might have to deal with a ruined reputation. Criminal defense lawyers might actually file libel lawsuits against any media outlets that have defamed and ridiculed clients who never committed any crimes. A criminal defense attorney such as Joe Tacopina and other lawyers are examples of such legal representatives in NY.

New York City’s top criminal defense attorneys also get the chance to represent celebrities and athletes. For example, a star singer who’s accused of simple misdemeanors might face severe criticism in the mass media. It might be difficult to find an objective jury for trials that involve domestic assault or sexual harassment. Experienced lawyers carefully interview potential jury candidates to make sure that only impartial individuals are selected. Even simple incidents such as a celebrity pushing a cameraman can ignite some high-profile lawsuits. However, experienced lawyers try to downplay all the sensationalism and hype that tries to sway public opinion on celebrities who are accused of minor crimes.

In their free time, criminal defense attorneys might be actively involved in charities. For example, raising money for local educational and recreational foundations is quite common in the legal sector of NYC. Attorneys might meet with wealthy former clients who can provide generous funding for great causes such as academic scholarships. Some fundraisers might even feature professional athletes who have been involved in performance-enhancing drug cases. Lawyers who successfully defend star players often have great connections in the professional sports world. The ultimate goal for such high-profile criminal defense attorneys is to show their humane sides.

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