The digital can renew rail services

atelier-gares-connexionsOn the occasion of the annual conference of Salesforce in San Francisco, The Workshop met Mathieu Belouar who presented the digital strategy of the SNCF and strategies to monetize this deployment.

Guillaume Pepy during the presentation of the Excellence Plan 2020 SNCF last October had insisted on digital development at the global scale of the French railway group. Stations and Connections subsidiary operating directly on the ground play a crucial role in this deployment, Mathieu Belouar responsible for sales and digital marketing explained his vision to bring all French stations in the digital age. Stirring a spectrum of diverse technologies ranging from free WiFi in all stations of the possibilities offered by the Beacons, the station aims to be closer to 2 billion daily users and is considering several monetization strategies.

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For over a year a dozen major stations of France have daily kiosk QR allowing users to defer any abnormality ( defective display panel , trash overflowing ) with a simple scan directly from their smartphone. This first initiative entitled “Warranty Stations ” is part of an overall strategy led by SNCF and to redefine the customer experience for rail passengers. The objective is ambitious , it is as explained Mathieu Belouar change the corporate client software from a heart rail business in a multimodal experience , switch from ” station to station ” door-to- door fee. Other initiatives should be followed, including an application found that allows users to share photos sorted by a system of tags , service restitution of the object by means of a tax return and a procedure verifying the identity owner could be integrated . By deploying a single platform applications covering different services complementing rail services (taxi , car pooling , traffic , geolocation) digital allows SNCF to extend its value chain without losing sight of the starting DNA

Monetization strategies direct and indirect

Doing stations pole connection offers many advantages for the railways as the SNCF. First QR terminals which are a form of audit quality deployed as crowdsourcing can be harvested to create more sophisticated traveler profiles . By redefining the scope of customer data available , SNCF may well improve its CRM including working with the Salesforce Cloud technology . But other opportunities arise , several tracks monetization are particularly considered. Through offering free Wi-Fi or the Beacon and QR Code technology, users may be prompted by promotional offers and other coupons following a strategy of ” push .” Indirectly also increase engagement with travelers intra- station applications with these businesses as a source of income with the fee paid annually. Finally, according Belouar , developing applications for internal use could find a second commercial value especially for networks of service stations or airports , railway stations and the connections would become editor software applications and full pole.

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