Entrepreneurs you should follow on Twitter

richard-bransonTwitter has become one of the best communication tools in the business world, that is why Forbes magazine has published an interesting list of the most important and successful entrepreneurs in this network; active members tweeting and sharing secrets, data and tips about business.

Richard Branson

President and founder of Virgin Group, popular on Twitter for important data on business advice, as well broadcast with its own hashtag (#readbyrichard) interesting business articles.

Randi Zuckerberg

It is curious that the surname is more tied to Zuckerberg that Facebook Twitter, Randi is not only the sister of Mark Zuckerberg, also runs his own digital media company and is very active on Twitter.

Mark Suster

Upfront investor Venture Partner, is also a famous entrepreneur and blogger, uses social networks to share business topics.

Steve Blank

Academic entrepreneur and Silicon Valley, a professor at the Technical University of Stanford, UC Berkeley and the University of Columbia. Its development methodology is popular customers.

Caterina Fake

Co-founder of Flickr, is popular for its articles aimed at small businesses, Twitter is one of its main broadcast channels.

Loic Le Meur

Famous French entrepreneur, founder of LeWeb, very active on Twitter where spreads issues the business community.

Josh Kopelman

One of the oldest internet entrepreneurs, CEO of First Round Capital and a recognized blogger (Redeye VC), one of the most knowledgeable of the internet business.

Tony Hsieh

Founder and CEO of Zappos.com, one of the largest users of Twitter, for his articles and quotes that are held by its 2.8 million followers.

Dave Morin

Co-founder and CEO of Path, a company responsible for publishing news articles and business financial sector. Features essential for those just starting.

Biz Stone

Nothing less than the co-founder of Twitter, usually up articles Medium, new draft Stone and the founders of the social network of blue bird.

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