Facebook will soon allow you to put your favorite publications aside, like a Pocket

Facebook will soon roll out a new feature on our accounts, a feature likely to interest the larger world as it would allow us to save some publications for you to navigate back later. Just as we would do with Pocket , Instapaper and other similar services , in short.

It seems that this function is being tested on some accounts, but few people can enjoy at present . It is not active at home, in any case, and it is perfectly possible that it goes well for you. To find out, it is also not very complicated since the new function is accessible via a button on this shared and integrated directly into the insert of these contents. A button that is an exact copy of the ” save for later ” button to Feedly … Well, there must be one or two pixels of difference , but whatever.facebook-saved-

By clicking this button , the user will bring up a menu with several entries. Within seconds, we can and add content related to the ” Saved Links ” or remove it from our playlist if we had already set aside .

On the left and in the famous sidebar Facebook, then we can find a new entrance in the “Apps” area , an entry named … ” Saved .” Simply click above to see all publications aside immediately , and to gain access to related content. These are displayed as a list consisting of several lines and , by extension , of several elements. In the batch, will be entitled to a thumbnail, a title and even buttons to share or delete the entry. Routine so .

I can not tell you more for the moment since this function is not active at home, but if you can take your side, and many do not hesitate to share your feedback through comments.

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