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looking for jobsInternet began as an initiative to exchange information of a military nature, then spread the use university and is now part of everyone’s life, being for many essential in day to day. Product of that evolution is that much of the Internet has begun to venture into online job search now not only as a means to find a job in person, but to work remotely under a mode so far continues to surprise .

According to research conducted recently by Adecco, INTECO (National Institute of Communication Technologies) and Infoempleos – in Spain – 80% of job seekers do online, among them 15% uses social networks to do so and 61% of websites, but how many are faced with fraudulent publications? Unfortunately, the percentage is high, 25% finds only disappointment being scammed with offers nonexistent.

Adecco has endeavored to give some tips to avoid falling into the Internet business fraud, which usually end up convincing the world be a critical situation, be a major economic need and be generally unregulated Internet a platform for international authorities.

The first tip is to look for work at sites specializing in job search, example is Infojobs, Infoempleo and Laboris for all age groups, while among professionals is Domestika and Infolancer, among others. To find more alternatives are available for local employment agencies will always have a website to turn to.

Consider that every opportunity to work on the network that involves paying money in advance in an alert should enable us, as most fraudulent offers for this method. We need to consider that “experience is the mother of science” thus always the best salaries are for the most experienced, then why could earn thousands of dollars if we can not do anything for a couple of hours? Absolutely not, so we have to be objective when evaluating a conventional labor supply.

Do not forget that nobody wants to work with us without us an interview, even via the Internet. At this point is when we ask questions we consider necessary before taking the job. If no serious interviews before entering a particular job, we should be suspicious immediately.

An important point to consider is that of the “bonuses” for work, as most publications fraudulent use that hook to make you think that the secret is in the multiplication, and so yes, MLM (MLM) can usually give much money, but who and at what price? No free lunch, then hopefully not impossible on the web.


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