Finding Excellent Managers Is Crucial To The Success Of A Business

It isn’t always easy to find great managers, but finding them is crucial to the success of a business. Management impacts every aspect of a business. Good managers have been found to positively impact these key areas:

  • Productivity – Happier employees want to do their best and good managers contribute to workplace happiness
  • Profitability – Good managers have a positive impact on company profits
  • Quality of products – Quality of items produced has been proven to go up when a company has good managers
  • Less absenteeism – Employees want to be there to contribute when excellent managers are in place
  • Fewer instances of employee theft – Effective managers promote values like integrity among employees
  • Decrease in turnover – Good managers will help to prevent high rates of turnover by impacting employee happiness and lessen their desire to leave

Since high quality management has such an impact, businesses are motivated to find the best possible managers among the pool of potential candidates. Choosing the best managers can be a time-consuming process.

When Companies Need Help Finding Excellent Managers

To help in a company’s search for the best managers, businesses often rely on professional executive search firms for advice and for candidate referrals. They look to people like Jason Hanold Chicago area’s recruiting connection, who is known for having good contacts with international and domestic executive manager candidates.

The executive search firm chosen must have a track record of being able to refer excellent candidates and must have effective screening methods in place. They also need the ability to successfully match the best candidates with the right companies. They have to be able to find those who will blend in well with a company’s culture.

Qualities Of Effective Managers

Certain qualities are common among the most effective managers. These are the qualities that businesses search for in a candidate, sometimes with the help of executive recruiting professionals. They include:

  • Motivation – Ability to motivate others and to be an inspiration to them
  • Relationship building – Know how to effectively build relationships with co-workers and with other tiers of management
  • Accountability – The culture good managers create is one where everyone is held accountable for their actions
  • Strong decision makers – Ability to make sound decisions and stick to them
  • Be good with numbers – Must know the limitations of budgets and be financially competent
  • Knowledge of psychology – Knowing how to motivate others and have a good understanding of employees
  • Be diplomatic – Having tact and a strong sense of diplomacy will help managers be more effective

Finding the best managers for a company is a challenge, but finding them is crucial for the company’s ultimate success. Every manager may have strengths in some areas and weaknesses in others. It is finding that balance, and finding a manager who is a good fit in a company that is so important.

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