Hyundai Santa Fe 2011

It is quite clear that this crisis goes the neighborhood, then, with the difficulties it is across the motor industry, there are manufacturers who are living a pretty sweet moment. Undoubtedly, in this lucky group is Hyundai, which can boast of seeing further increases its sales volume above the market average and plan for 2011 a growth of no less than 12%.

Largely responsible for this good performance is its change in strategy in recent years, renewing their entire range of vehicles and offering options to the user in virtually all segments. But if there is a category in which the Korean brand has positioned itself as a leader in our country is that of the SUV. And, just now coming into our market its latest proposal, an improved version of Santa Fe

This model was released for the first time in 2000, but things have changed a lot since then. Now advocates a completely revamped aesthetic, which emphasizes its imposing grille, comprising three stripes of the same color as the body. The headlights have vast improvements, with the addition of new fog lights, xenon lights and integrated turn in the mirrors. Likewise, both the alloy wheels of 18 inches as exhausts have a sportier look.

Under the new Hyundai Santa Fe, the first thing that stands out is its Supervision instrument panel, featuring a design of cutting edge and has a browser built into the dashboard and modern lighting in blue. The new upholstery and the system to eliminate odors through the air conditioning round out the main news section on the inside.

Under the hood, this off-road diesel engine equipped with a new 2.2-liter R, which can reach 197 hp. Without doubt, one of the greatest strengths of this engine is able to reduce consumption up to 6.8 liters and emissions to 176 g / km. We also have a petrol version, but its thrust is reduced to 174 hp.

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