The importance of the “discount”

descuentosToday most companies that sell products or offer services have seen a discount scheme for its customers, including it’s a way to advertise and gain more public acceptance. But when is a good time to give a discount and what are the best reasons to do so. Here are some tips that can be very useful if you plan to give a discount.

A good product does not always need discount

Today, supply and demand is king in the market, we can find the same product or service in a wide range of prices, but are similar or even the same promise they are not equal.

When a product is good and original customer has fewer options demand a discount, but there will always be a percentage of customers who look for discounts. However, if the product or service is of poor quality or imitation (in case of product) guests will feel the power to demand a discount.

To introduce a new product

When you give a discount can be a dilemma, but it’s not always good to give or there are times that we must wait for the right time. In launching a product or service is one of the best times to give a discount so that the customer will see attractive product and know; it is clear that in this case the product or service must be competitive so that after the end of the discount remains interesting for the audience.

Meet customers to give the appropriate discount

Discounts are not always directed to the public, which is why it is essential to know the customers and know what they expect and when to expect it. For instance, women may be interested in this or that product, since there can be a starting point for a campaign discounts.

Rewarding customer loyalty

Often discounts are exclusively for customers, a kind of reward for their loyalty. This strategy is very successful and creates a link between the customer and the brand, so they will relate to it. For services to customers discounts work very well, and usually have good results in the medium and long term. All customers are important to receive a discount for their brand loyalty.

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