Iron Man 2

If you were to choose the film that portrays me in a more dignified and credible which is a superhero, it would be “Iron Man.” In 2008, the same year that “The Dark Knight” swept the box office, Robert Downey Jr. gave a lesson in interpretation probably turned pale with Christian Bale. The film by Christopher Nolan is considered superior almost unanimously, but for me was Jon Favreau which most successfully managed the daunting task of adapting a comic to the big screen. “Iron Man” has characters, story and rhythm, explains the how and why and he leaves a unique Tony Stark. Perhaps the problem is to have that bar so high, because as befits any self-respecting second part, “Iron Man 2” has failed to maintain the rate in any of these aspects.

While Tony Stark is pressed by the U.S. government to share the secrets of their technology, an enemy inherited from the past emerges to challenge him, threatening the delicate balance of power achieved with Iron Man Under the shadow of his father and beset by a strange illness Tony will face threats closer than expected.

“Iron Man 2” is an entertaining film that suffers from several serious drawbacks. The first weak script that tries to tell you many things but can not lose focus on any and bellows as the minutes passed. By themselves the scenes work very well, “the” trial “for example, defines very well the main character, but fail when trying to integrate into a global pattern: there are too many fronts, characters that never quite materialized and a general lack emotion.

In the absence of a villain, we have two, a Justin Hammer and Ivan Vanko laughable that starts very well but just missed, if a girl had earlier in the life of Tony, now there is another, neither more nor less than the Black Widow; Rhodey’s friend and comrade also gave place to a new best mate wandering, Happy Hogan. Speaking of Rhodey, I miss Terrence Howard, not only because I see him more expressive, but because certain times would have been more impressive with him on board. The director, producer or whoever decided to change blew everything I had achieved actor with the first delivery. On this series of secondary players, is very revealing count lines of dialogue that has each one to see their very low relative importance in history.

As we see the Iron Man universe expands and the footage is not enough for all, maybe that’s why the most special moments last a few minutes, fighting and action, the major unresolved by Jon Favreau, are so fast that one stares the screen and thinking you already are? In fairness, there is no denying that at times it does very well. Images like the flying car in the Monaco circuit are spectacular and make your hair stand on end. It is a pity that the rest is not the same level.

Personally I think the penalty would have been better to focus on ways in which Tony tries to follow the footsteps of his father, on the one hand, while facing new threats, whether Whiplash, Crimson Dynamo or otherwise. Taking time to resolve conflicts and to prepare the final showdown, which comes at the height of the film and not something that happens almost by accident. The viewer would have to reach that moment of expectation, not merely a witness in a series of episodes that are resolved without too much intervention of the protagonists.

Perhaps the desire to loop the loop and beat the first part of what has broken the final result. Favreau has tried to keep us more time with the first line would have sufficed. The conclusion? A remarkable scaling.

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