Jaguar XK Spring Edition 2011

It marks 50 years since Jaguar brought to market one of its flagship models: the E-Type. And what better way to celebrate than by selling a commemorative version of one of the last representatives of the brand. Chosen for the occasion was the Jaguar XK, with 5-liter V8 engine, which is available in both Coupe and Convertible body.

If you already XK is an impressive car itself, what of this special edition dubbed Spring Edition. The lucky ones who can afford to get one of these wonders have the choice of two trim levels, Sport Pack, Bright Pack, with special emphasis on elements like the front grille, air intakes or trims body.

The so-called Sport Pack features dual front grille, the outline of the windows and front air intakes in a stylish glossy black bezel while the trunk is the same color as the body. Note that the outline color of the windows varies only in the coupe body, and not in the Convertible.

For its part, Bright Pack finish bet on chrome finishes. Thus, both the front grilles and air intakes as the trim of the luggage compartment and mirror caps have this modern look. Furthermore, this finish on the body incorporates a colorful side gills.

In both, the passenger compartment of a Jaguar XK Spring Edition is the most exclusive, then pays tribute to the legendary E-Type. What is striking is the spectacular seats, perforated leather-wrapped Bondgrain, heated and with an attractive combination of colors Charcoal and Ivory in the center.

Prices for this Spring Edition range from 105,780 euros to bodywork Coupe Sport Pack up to EUR 115,030 Bright Pack Convertible body.

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