The Knowledge Graph Google will be interested in cars

For a long time , Google has simply answer questions from users returning their simple lists of web sites. As to the search engine is enriched with a number of features . The most notable recent years is the arrival of the Knowledge Graph , is this funny sidebar capable of displaying information based on certain queries. Within moments, and without the need to visit other sites, it is possible to know the filmography of an actor, or even the creation date of a business. Interesting, for sure, but Google wants to go one step further by addressing this time … cars !

Do not worry though as the U.S. giant has absolutely no intention of replacing our friends garages . At least not yet . At the moment, the functions provided by this new clean the Knowledge Graph module are therefore quite limited and have mainly intended to present the general characteristics of a vehicle.knowledge-graph-automobile

The example given on the capture illustrating this article is that of the new Mazda 3 . By typing the appropriate query on Google, the user shall be entitled to an image , of course, but also information on price, or on the “size” of the engine. A little further down , it is also entitled to related research with other vehicles has attracted the attention of his fellow citizens. Always bounce our example , it would seem curious and eager to learn more about the Mazda 3 will be also interested in the Mazda 6 , the Ford Focus , the Honda Civic or the Subaru Impreza .

Then of course , publishers Bossant years on niche sites related to the automotive sector may wince a bit when reading these few lines. Obviously , if a user gets the information he is looking for by going directly to Google, it will not need to click on search results , and therefore does not make on specialized sites . That said, the information provided by the Knowledge Graph remain sufficiently brief to not compete with these sites.

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