LG have finally out a Nexus 8 in preparation

A mysterious reference in connection with a new LG product from short few weeks on canvas. The LG- V510 is his name, has caused much ink and it was the same question, the latest news , whether it does in reality a variant of LG G Pad 8.3. @ evleaks , for its part, does not seem to think so . The famous leakeur actually published early this morning on his Twitter account a picture linking the LG- V510 and … Google . In other words, this reference could actually refer to a new Nexus , and more specifically to a Nexus 8.

That twists , dear friends, that twists ! Suddenly, the LG- V510 is a Nexus 8. Another shot , this is nothing more than a variation of a tablet in the catalog of the manufacturer. And then an image is found online and all our benchmarks explode . In a split second , the LG- V510 changes state and becomes a Nexus 8. A bit like a modern version , and less funny, famous Schrödinger’s cat , in fact.

lg-g-padIf this image has been published by someone else, we would probably would not pay attention. After all, three lines of code , this is not really a striking proof of the existence of a Nexus 8. But now, naughty comes straight from a Nelson Evan Blass , this same Evan has always referred just once and that was from memory , made ​​one mistake since he has fun disseminate photos and information about future products from our friends the manufacturers. An error, it is not much, especially when you see the number of tweets they publish each week.

The LG- V510 would be the Nexus 8 much talked about since last summer . Nexus 8 that could put the bar very high with a 8.3 inch screen capable of displaying a type definition 1080p Full HD , 2GB RAM and a 4600 mAh battery to top it off . Not to mention the sensor 5 megapixels on the rear of the hull, or the front camera of 1.3 megapixel front . A pretty stupid , so that could meet a success if it was given to as attractive as the other terminals of the price range .

After that, the question that may arise is whether we really need a Nexus 8. What do you think ?

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