Maintaining Accurate Payroll with Mobile Office Equipment

When your business operates out in the field away from an office or store, you face unique challenges when it comes to keeping accurate payroll accounts. You may not have access to electricity when you are on a job construction site or out in a field working with crops or livestock. Rather than risk overpaying or underpaying your workers, you can keep accurate records with mobile equipment like portable time clocks. This kind of clock functions without electricity and can help you keep track of what all of your employees work each day.

When you are out in the field away from a clean and well-ventilated office, you risk ruining any equipment you bring with you to the job. Your gear could get wet or it could also get dirty from the kind of work you and your crew are doing. When your gear gets dirty or damaged, you experience delays and compromises that can be costly. With a portable time clock, however, you can continue to keep working and pay your crew what is owed to each individual worker because the clock is rust-proof. It can get wet without rusting. It is also designed to withstand being dropped and banged without breaking. This durability means that you can continue to use the same clock without having to replace it anytime soon.

Because it does not run on electricity, you also would do well to keep batteries on hand on the job site. The clocks are battery powered primarily, although some models can be plugged into your car’s electricity port. You can also hook it up to a cigarette lighter portal in the car. This function lets you charge it if you do not have enough batteries on hand for an entire shift.

Because it is mobile, this kind of clock also can be connected to your cell phone. You can plug it into your phone’s air card so that you can retrieve your payroll information from anywhere you can get a signal on your phone. When this kind of technology sounds like something your company and you would benefit from, you can find a full range of such clocks online. You can create an account on the website and then shop for clock models that suit your particular purpose. You can also get free shipping on your particular order if it qualifies.

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