How to manage the image in internet

redes-socialesMany think that the picture on the internet is important only for large companies or brands, nothing is further from reality. The imminent growth of social media has made everyone must have an internet presence and online reputation is important.

Image Management online and social networks

For many this is a new terminology, but the management of image internet and social networks is just the influence exerted on the reputation of a company or an individual. This is done online and is basically management of search results to find all the negative comments that could damage the reputation of a brand or person in social networks.

Managing reputation in social networks

To start the management should know what they say about the brand or person in social networks, to achieve this you will need to monitor keywords and hashtags that are related to the brand, products, employees, competitors, names etc. To achieve this, you must perform a follow-up on social networking, from the talks until the post published in various social networks.

To achieve this study of reputation in social networks, in addition to extensive work-up, you can use a number of tools online that will provide valuable information and statements contained in the mark, service or person in social networks.

The main tools are TweetBinder, Tagboard, and SocialMention. These tools allow you to search for keywords and hashtags (related to the brand or person) in the major social networks, including comments or indicate positive and negative mentions, also warn you (advance registration) made ​​mention in blogs, websites, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. You can also use so-called “Google Alerts”, these publications have just sneak on a keyword.

Remember that social networks are important and all discharges comments are valid, even the bad reviews because they help you to measure many technical issues and empathy with the public online. Reply quick and professional is essential in the management of image internet and social networks.

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