Motorola created a tattoo to make calls

atelier-motorola-tatouage-connecteMotorola has filed a patent for a new communication tool similar to a tattoo to include spending more audible calls in loud places .

Although still fairly marginal , market tools online is booming . Players and digital telecommunications redouble their creativity to make life easier for consumers. After Google Glass , the smartwatches and other tools connected with Motorola outbid its ” connected tattoo” . The American -owned company since 2011, Google seeks to overturn the traditional concept of the smartphone . In May 2013, Motorola announced that it was seeking to replace traditional passwords with tattoos or electronic authentication of pills that people swallow . Today , Motorola filed a patent entitled “Coupling An Electronic Skin Tattoo To A Mobile Communication Device , ” to protect his invention Tattoo connected with a microphone.

Technology integrated communication in the body

This amazing device is an electronic tattoo and sticker attached to the throat of the user. It allows you to communicate wirelessly using WiFi, Bluetooth or NFC network. This is actually a transceiver that can improve the sound quality by reducing ambient noise. It is compatible with most mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, game consoles and other mobile connected objects. It is stated that it should be changed on average every week and it can also be applied to animals.The patent filed by Motorola gives of course only little information on the same invention, its application or its future production. Some analysts assume that the tattoo will use solar energy to function.

Future to determine

Today, there is no projection on the future of this product. Perhaps Motorola seeks to create concepts and protects to prevent new players trying to develop a similar concept . It is therefore not particularly expect to find this product on the market in the coming days . This type of device is already used in the military field. According to Patrick Moorhead , an analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy , the army already utilize microphones throat to make clearer communications. Moreover, we do not have back to know the side effects that can cause this technology. Regarding questions about the health problems that cause low technology , Motorola is silencieux.Dans future this device could even be used as a lie detector . Tattoo and include a sensor galvanic response ( using electric currents in the body) . Indeed, the galvanic skin response is different when the individual is nervous , tells lies or is confident and truthful. Finally, this system could also control your smartphone with voice. The announcement of patent filing by Motorola shows certainly the beginning of a new era of connected objects , integrated body.

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