New classes of workers

clases-de-trabajadoresTimes have changed and with the advent of new technologies and new trends have also changed the profile of workers. That’s why we have made a list of the new classes of workers can be found in your company, so you know how to recognize them and how to deal with them.

The “millennial”

These workers have focused on the new technology and social media, they are aware of new trends and are at the forefront of issues related to their work, the company and all that concerns their work. They are innovative, dynamic and creative; born leaders who seek change and personal, social and business improvement. They are factors to be taken into account.

The “Pro-mobile”

Just as the “millennial” perfectly mastered the technology and social media, take the best advantage of all the technological tools of last generation, so much so that your mobile phone becomes an extension of your body. They are active and usually handle all the technology and are very good with customer service.

The “Intrapreneurship”

“Intrapreneurship” or “intrapreneur” is an English term used to describe employees who behave like entrepreneurs when they work for a firm or company, always within the limits of its function. It can be described as ambitious and emerging workers that give an added value to the company, and they are risky and are not afraid to make important decisions.

The “analĂ­cticos”

They tend to be introverted and as the title says are very analĂ­cticos, their presence does not shine and do not. Although his work is often overlooked is very important for the company, even they can hold, you could say they are the brains of a company.

The “experienced”

Such workers are not a new species, but an endangered species. They are before computers were used. Its greatest value is in its experience, both life and in your job. If they are known route can become very valuable to the company.

Note: Article based on “5 Types of Workers in the New World of Work” Intelligent Work.

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