New York piano is Out to Tighten the Community Ties

Piano KeyboardWith more and more people tend to choose using the social network sites as the way to build a connection with the other people in global scale, sometimes the much closer people can be forgotten. That is whey the empowerment of the local interaction is very important. In order to tighten the ties in the community, Sing for Hope invites community members to participate in its statewide program.

The New York piano section will be started out at June 18 and artists from all neighborhoods throughout the state had been confirmed to take a part in the program. Some professional artists are also invited to draw more attentions from the public. However, it has to be noted that the more important parts are should be played by the local artists whom most of them must be amateur artists.

By playing in the public spaces near their neighborhood, the local artists can make the community members in that neighborhood to become aware that their neighborhood also has a potential for art as well as a chance to build direct interaction. Some fund collection can be arranged with the local committee too but the most wanted goal is the tighter bonds between the community members of the neighborhood.

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