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espejomxOn Tuesday afternoon of June 3 Lima trembled because an earthquake of 5.4 degrees, a fact that would not be surprising or unusual, as the Peruvian capital is located in the so-called “Pacific belt “seismic plate that shakes all the coastal cities of the Pacific Ocean, which caught the attention of all and sundry is that this earthquake had been predicted with date and time the day before via the Twitter account”@espejomx “.

Science tells us that it is impossible to predict earthquakes, but it is true you can expect that in some cities may be the possibility of earthquakes due to its geographical location with implications for seismic plates, as many cities in Chile, Peru, Japan and Mexico but it is impossible to determine when these movements happen, you can not even determine the month, day, and much less time.

Predicting the Twitter account @espejomx in Lima earthquake of June 3 was real, much controversy was created in social networks branded this account of fraud and to manipulate the dates of his “predictions” on Twitter. Since then, the writer of this article started a little research about a respective monitor this as media Twitter account.

The @espejomx account is handled by a Mexican named Cesar Cruz, is 33 years old, and ensures that their predictions are based on a mathematical study. What made me remember that some months ago a group of Brazilian and Peruvian scientists called “Quake / Red Earthquake Alert” announced they had a mathematical formula that could give the point and exact time of the earthquakes, and had already been predictions very successful as some earthquakes in Chile in recent years. Everything indicates that it can be treated the same mathematical system.

After nearly a month of monitoring the account and its seismic predictions @espejomx indeed we recognize that this Twitter account achieved some fairly accurately predict earthquakes occurred mainly in the Americas, where he focuses his predictions because most of followers of this account are Latin American.

In @espejomx we see an average of 7 or 8 daily predictions, some pretty precise where the city and the intensity of the earthquake, some more vague because it mentioned only the country and time mentioned. You could say that its success rate ranges from 40 to 50%.

We should also mention that some tweets are not deleted when hit with earthquake prediction, but what hits are endorsed with another tweet with an image of “Earthquake” (page that logs all earth quakes).

My opinion is not scientific or specialized, but I can unequivocally say that predict so accurately with that margin of error is unprecedented and should be given credit. It would be interesting to know the mathematical method by predicting earthquakes, and Quake / Earthquake Red Alert said they were close to revealing and would be something that would change the world.

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