The richest of the United States 2014

bill-gates_4Today we published one of the most important rankings of Forbes magazine, that of the 400 richest people in America. As expected the creator of Microsoft, Bill Gates, was placed on the top of the list, and is on the list of world’s richest. Know the 10 richest people in the United States 2014.

Bill Gates

81 billion dollars
Microsoft strongman resumed the first on this list quite ahead of the second place. Gates despite his great philanthropic with his wife Melinda, founded since 2000 has donated over 30 billion dollars to charitable causes.

Warren Buffett

67 billion dollars
Other Buffet once placed second in the list, all thanks to the good performance of his company Berkshire Hathaway. Their actions have achieved the best rate this year.

Larry Ellison

50 billion dollars
Oracle founder has always been controversial, this month declared that any of their workers could go on vacation whenever they want and as long as they want. Despite these innovations work your company continues to grow and with his personal fortune.

Charles Koch and David Koch

42 billion dollars
Immovable here are the brothers Charles and David Koch heads Koch Industries Inc. share fourth place for this listing.

Christy Walton

38 billion dollars
The widow of John T. Walton still on the head of the great family business of Wal-Mart supermarkets increasingly expand more.

Jim Walton

36 billion dollars
Another one of the bastions of the Walton family, an heir and important part of managing Arvest Bank and Wal-Mart.

Michael Bloomberg

35 billion dollars
The number 10 goes up to eighth place in the list. Bloomberg This year he returned to take the helm of his company after his well-known philanthropic works.

Alice Walton

34.9 billion dollars
Another Walton heirs to the dynasty. Also we have been dedicated recently in the Museum of Art Crystal Bridges.

S. Robson Walton

34.8 billion dollars
Very close to Alice, is also Robson, who also like other members of the Walton family has seen his fortune grow.

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