Samsung Galaxy Note 3: will soon red and white gold versions

Samsung has become accustomed to its terminal decline in several colors and Galaxy Note 3 will apparently not an exception . It is currently available in black or white, two new versions will soon be entering the market. Starting next year , it would be possible to buy a Galaxy Note 3 red … or white gold . And if you want to know what these rascals could look like, and what is not complicated because you will find several rendered a little further down the article, made ​​completely by fictitious against .

In reality, all started from an article by Sam Mobile. According to the information on the site, Samsung is expected to launch a Galaxy Note 3 red in the first week of January . The white gold version for its part , would arrive two weeks later , and thus the third week of the same month . At the moment, we have no idea of ​​the appearance of these new versions , but the guys at Android Authority have hacked their renderings with Photoshop to give us these images .

samsung-galaxy-note-3-rouge-or-1Images that do not reflect reality, of course .

Anyway , new colors or not, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will not change one bit and so we will still be entitled to this funny plastic shell fashion faux leather shell with a real fake seams borders . The technical specifications remain unchanged , with a Super AMOLED screen Full HD 5.7 inch display capable of a definition 1080p type a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor clocked at 2.3 GHz 800 , Adreno 330 GPU , 3 GB RAM , 32 GB storage space , a micro SD card port , a sensor 13 million pixels, a front camera 2 million pixels and a battery of 3200 mAh .

The Note 3 was not particularly excited me during the official announcement but it has amazed me then , when it fell into my hands trembling . This is not necessarily the most beautiful terminal market , but it is solid , durable and extremely comfortable to use. Remember also that you can find my test at this address for those interested .

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