How to self-leadership

autoliderazgoMuch has been said about leadership, but to achieve self-leadership is essential, as only manages to be a good leader if you get a company with himself and the concept of leadership, trust status supported by ethical and professional values​​. Here are some tips and guidelines for self-leadership.

Always think

The self-leadership is closely linked to self-help to achieve it takes thought, raise questions and seek solutions. A good leader is projected first in your mind.

Always do what you say

And we could finish the sentence with “say what you do.” Not only is it the right thing to say, as the actions are important, besides the example reflected.

Adventurer yes, no tourist

The adventurous tourist visit and discover. Innovation is an important trait of a good leader, it is also an important way to get a good name.

The road is important

Many leaders set goals, and it is good and important, but we must not forget the way to achieve it. Sometimes this journey is more important to our self-learning to be a leader.

Making mistakes is part of the process

A good leader can make mistakes, but depends on ourselves to overcome them and learn from them. We understand that making mistakes is part of the process, but we must make the best of every bad decision, so in the future not to commit them again.

The values

Many times a leader makes us forget some simple values ​​such as punctuality and respect for others. We must always keep our feet on the ground and be aware that we are in the eyes of all and we must instill values ​​by example.


Empathy does not mean to drop you all right, means that we must create a good working environment and make understand others who see the world as you see it.


Pride is usually one of the most common defects in leaders, leads us to commit excesses, mistakes and avoid them all. A leader must understand that you never stop learning, but this lesson we learn about ourselves, to be aware of who we are and what we can do.

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