The Silence of the United States and Europe over the war in Gaza

gazaThe war in Gaza does not meet even one month and now they killed 1300 Palestinians in whom 75% are civilians, the other side have fallen 55 Israeli victims, mostly military. These are the tragic figures announcing the United Nations.

Last Wednesday was bombed a school in the refugee camp Jabaliy UN in Gaza, this time there were 15 victims, including children. The repudiation of many world populations is evident at the very questionable Israeli military strategy. But the silence of the major powers of Europe and America is more than suspicious and other highly questionable, all condemning the civilian deaths but no one disapproves of Israel’s actions, some support is the right to defend Israel.

Last week the UK, France, Germany, Italy and the United States, called for a ceasefire warm, rejected the obvious loss of life, and made ​​it clear that Israel is entitled to defend. On Wednesday, the Human Rights Council of the UN held a vote to open an investigation to determine that Israel committed war crimes in Gaza; the result was 29-1, that “1” was the vote of the United States, the major European powers were obtained to vote, including France, Germany and the UK.

Israel’s best ally the United States in the Middle East

In the case of the United States is not new the close relationship between the two countries, it is the most important ally of the government of Washington in the region (Middle East), it’s a matter of seeing the map a few seconds to know that most countries surrounding Israel are political enemies of the United States.

United States delivered a year 3 billion dollar military financial aid to Israel, making up absurd that America criticize your friend Israel to make war if they are the ones who subsidize much of their military actions. You should also know that Israel is the main military financial receptor United States since World War II, according to the Congressional Research Service of the United States, which so far amounts to a “bilateral assistance” of 121 billion .

In addition to research conducted by the Pew Research Center, found that 40% of Americans blame Hamas for the violence in Gaza, while 19% blame Israel.

Europe and sense of guilt

The European position on the war in Gaza is varied, but many experts say there is a great sense of guilt with Jewish society by the Holocaust of World War II, a fact that does take away the major European powers.

Besides the colonial history of Europe is not exactly clean and somehow is the result of what we are experiencing now, especially French and British. I mean they do not feel the moral authority to criticize a country and culture that somehow or other form also part of European history.

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