Spyware allows the arrest of a smartphones thief

It is a pleasure for me to fall on newspapers or news saying that a robber was arrested thanks to a spy of the caliber of Mspy software. This is the case again this month. These arrests show that skilled spy phone application can actually be quite useful:

  •      In general, there is a thief who steals a multitude of objects in someone’s house
  •      In his wrongdoing, it also carries with it either a tracker or a phone already equipped with spyware as Mspy
  •      He left the house without being seen, but spy software continues to send data to reveal where he is and what he says with the   phone
  •      The victim, or the neighbor called the police and thief arrested

A simple implementation spyware

mspy phone tracker is useful in such cases because the phone application installed on the phone, recorded on an anonymous server the following information:

  •      dialed and received text messages
  •      calls
  •      environmental listening (what is said about the phone)
  •      updated hourly GPS position
  •      photographs taken by the camera and sent Emails

It is easy to imagine that a thief, grabbing your phone but ignoring that it is drawn, will, ultimately, identified and caught by the police, unless of course it does not erase the entire contents of your phone.

This is one facet of spyware. What is certain is that the theft of mobile phones are increasingly important, especially since fashion générations new smartphones.

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