The Start Of A Historical Restoration Project

A historic home can be beautiful if you take the time to restore it and make it appear as it did when it was originally built. There are a few building restoration and preservation tips to follow so that you complete the project in a manner that delivers the best results. You could open the home to the public so that they can see the interior of the home, or you could live in the home, admiring the beauty of the various components that were once inside, such as hardwood floors and intricate designs on the furniture.

When you begin working on the masonry, match it as closely as possible to the original color and design. Don’t try to grind the joints. They should be removed and replaced instead of being restored as the joints might not be able to withstand the pressure of the home if they are too old. Avoid using sealers as they can trap moisture. The moisture can freeze in the winter, which can lead to cracks.

Original plaster is ideal to keep in the home as it gives an original look. If you remove the plaster, it can decrease the value of the home. If there are cracks, clean them out, filling them with the same kind of plaster that is present. A coarse plaster often works well when you’re trying to match designs.

The roof of a historic home is usually slate. Make sure you have the same kind of slate material so that it has a flowing look. Avoid changing the materials as this can take away from the historical beauty of the home. Make sure you inspect the roof before doing any kind of work. It might be sufficient enough to only replace a few shingles instead of replacing the entire roofing system as older homes were usually built to last for several years. When you examine the windows, keep the wood frames, giving them a bit of paint if needed. Older windows are often energy efficient. There might be a few minor repairs that need to be made in the way of the molding around the windows, but historical homes should keep the wooden look that sets them apart from modern homes.

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