Towards a LG G2 Mini?

Builders took the habit to decline their various flagships in more compact and less powerful versions. LG is preparing to do the same by lifting the veil on LG G2 Mini. However, the company could apply the same strategy as Sony by attacking only the size of the terminal, and not its technical specifications. That and simply put, the Mini G2 is as powerful as its big brother and reading these few lines should be very fun to some of you.

Everyone does not necessarily need a smartphone with a screen over 5 inches, at least not every day. The LG G2, like the Galaxy Note 3, enjoys a small footprint, it is a fact, but some mobile users prefer to travel light and that’s precisely what could cause the manufacturer to launch a G2 Mini.

lg-g2-miniSo far, we have little information in our possession, except that he should share the same technology as its big brother card. This would issue a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 800, an Adreno GPU 330 and 2 GB of RAM on top of that. The screen, meanwhile, increased from 5.2 inches to 4.7 inches, for an unspecified definition. Some think he may be entitled to 1080p, others that he will be satisfied with a good old 720p.

But when you will be there (if any) can benefit?

Hard to say but if you believe the latest rumors corridor to date, then the LG G2 Mini would have a good chance of being officially introduced by the manufacturer to the next CES, or in a few weeks. Needless to say that all information contained in this article should be taken with the utmost of prudence, huh …

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