Twitter: a retrospective of the year 2013 in some hashtags

After Yahoo, YouTube and Facebook, it is the turn of Twitter to launch a retrospective to celebrate the end of the year. An interesting retrospective, taking the form of a long timeline depicting the most significant events of the last twelve months. With a good dose of hashtags, of course, but also some extracts tweets massive database platform. The most nostalgic of you should appreciate, for sure.

So of course, it happened a lot of things since January. Sometimes serious sometimes funny things, sometimes happy, sometimes sad. Twitter, he did not attempt to force the destiny and the service has actually been exploring the “trending topics” in recent months to extract the most significant trends.

In January , for example, we talked a lot about this famous helicopter crash in the middle of London , with a lot of tweets as the Australian Open. February , for its part, has pride of place at the Superbowl , but also the Italian elections. In March , it is above the Pope we discussed on Twitter and it’s also quite fun as one of the most discussed topics in April was none other than the French gay marriage . Marriage, but also all the excesses that followed. Americans have not been forgotten with the attack marked the Boston Marathon.

Sports, politics and life events

May was pretty quiet , with the exception of Eurovision and the final of the UCL . It is then that basketball was honored in June with the NBA . Again , we see that sport is one of the most discussed topics on social networks and July shows this trend quite well since Wimbledon and the Tour de France have shared displays , alongside the ” Royal Baby ” . August was a little quieter , despite the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars , and the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.

Contrary to what one might think , it is not the iPhone that have been the most discussed subjects in September , but the Australian elections … and German . In October , our American friends have got their money with the famous problems that have affected the government of the United States, plunging into a dangerous stagnation. Not surprisingly, the month of November was marked by the typhoon that hit the Philippines , but also the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.

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