Twitter will verify your age when you want to take alcohol brands

There is a little bit of everything on Twitter, and finally each user is benefiting: the blogger can make the day before, the average user can communicate, the community manager can promote its brand. It is this latter aspect that we will discuss here: since Twitter has largely developed brands have flooded the social network, brands from all the world, including that of alcohol. Recent brands use Twitter as a promotional tool, and anyone can follow them and see what they publish as well, this is where the principle of Twitter.

But Twitter does not hear it this way: there are laws, and they indicate that it is forbidden to consume alcohol before a certain age depending on the country. Thus, the social network does not want minors to access such content …twitter-age

Some brands have played the game and have joined Twitter to launch this new feature is gradually deployed, whether on the web, on Android or iOS. Thus, when one wants to follow a brand using this feature, Twitter asks for our date of birth and after calculation of our age, or not allow us to follow the course as our country has.

If we can welcome the initiative, it is still difficult to judge the usefulness of such a feature: the “unauthorized” already anyway access to a multitude of advertisements for alcohol. On the other hand, one can also say that a limit of more can not hurt … In short, it is up to each judge.

Anyway, one question remains unanswered: porn accounts, they do not seem concerned Twitter more than that …

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