Using technology within your company

geolocalizacionThe technology is a long time between us, but in recent years the technological advancement has made ​​great strides and it is inevitable it in the day. In the workplace technology has also been very helpful, but are we taking advantage of it 100% ?. Here are some tips to get the most out of technology for your business no matter the size of it.

Communication at all levels

You could say that we are living the time of the communication, the internet and mobile devices brought us as never before, is why these “tools” are also useful for a company.

We can save time and money by having teleconferences distances with our employees and conversations will be personalized time and distance. Including instant messaging applications are very useful for a point release or a message from work, LINE or Whatsapp could save considerable time and money.

Instant messaging applications can also be used to communicate with customers and users. Do not forget to make a communication protocol, keeping formality in your posts.

Social Networking

Not new the importance and relevance of social media today, you can play in our favor. You can launch campaigns promoting a product or service, while maintaining close communication with customers or users. Implement Facebook and Twitter to promote your business and communicate with their customers.

Mobile Devices

Besides being mobile and communication tools, mobile devices are very useful for employees of a company, we talked about the instant messaging applications; but are also important geolocation to find or know where you are an employee, cameras, internet access and other applications own a mobile device.

Internet positioning

We know the importance of internet presence of a company. In addition to social networking, having a website and a blog is extremely important. Not only promote your service or product, but to keep informed of the latest news and offers to its customers, in addition to providing all important information of your company, its products or services from, or even your phone. Today everyone goes first to the Internet to gather information from a company. If you are not internet simply do not exist.

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