The most valuable soccer teams in the world 2014

real-madrid_1There is no doubt that football is the most profitable sport in the world, we have seen the economic and social power in the global past. This week, Forbes magazine published its list of most valuable teams 2014 football world.

Real Madrid

Spain – Valued at 3,440 million
Again the Spanish team is the most valued team this year won the Champions League and their annual income rose to 675 million million. This week contracted for 80 million euros to the Colombian James Rodriguez crack.


Spain – Valued at 3,200 million
The Catalan club this year and climb a position becomes the second most valuable team in the world. The Spanish team reports an annual income of $ 627 million.

Manchester United

UK – Valued at 2,810 million
The English team dropped from second to third place, lowering their income on a 11%, posting $ 551 million in annual revenue. This year will be Louis Van Gaal who handled the red team.

Bayern Munich

Germany – Valued at 2,810 million
The German champion climbs a position, up 41% over last year recorded an annual profit of $ 561 million.


UK – Valued at 1,331 million dollars
Although it had an increase in revenue ($ 561 million), the red team managed by Arsene Wenger dropped a post with reference to 2013.


UK – Valued at $ 868 million
Although he had a drop in annual profits of 4%, the traditional team blue team jumped from July 2013 to place 6th place.

Manchester City

UK – Valued at $ 863 million
This is another team that has had an exciting growth, up 25% with annual revenues totaling $ 441 million.

AC Milan

Italy – Valued at $ 856 Million
The Italian team is another that descended on this list, in this case jumps to eighth place sext, down 9% from last year, with earnings of $ 343 million a year.


Italy – Valued at $ 850 million
Low “Old lady” from 8 to 9th place despite their valuation has grown by more than $ 150 million, with earnings of $ 354 million.


UK – Valued at $ 850 million
Red remained in 10th place despite increased by 22%, with profits reached 354 million.

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