The most valuable sports brands in the world (Forbes List 2014)

nike_0Sports are one of the world’s millionaires business is why related marks are among the most important and valued in the world. Let’s review the most valuable sports brands in the world according to Forbes magazine 2014.


19 billion dollars
Is the clothing brand and the world’s largest sports accessories for over a decade, which is why he continues to hold the top of this list since Forbes is done, always with a significant increase compared to the previous year (17.3 2013 billion).


16.5 billion dollars
World’s premier sports television network, owned by Walt Disney. Generates 4.5 billion dollars in cash flow with a monthly payment of $ 6.5, the highest average more.


5.8 billion dollars
This year Adidas signed to NBA star Derrick Rose, the Chicago Bulls for $ 185 million, the most expensive signing in the history of sports brand; unfortunately repeated injuries have prevented the athlete revenues than expected.

Sky Sports

4.5 billion dollars
The most important British sports channel, broadcasts the leading Formula 1, the Heineken Cup and the Premier League.

Under Armour

4.1 billion dollars
This year surpassed Under Armour and Adidas became the second biggest selling sportswear company in the world with sales exceeding 12 billion dollars, 20% than last year.


$ 880 million
In the last 2 years this brand has decreased 15% in sales, which have dented their valuation but still keeps its place in the sixth.


$ 680 million
This year the sports network had the best entry of a sports network of 540 million.


$ 525 million
The victory of the Red Sox (team sponsor and have rights) in the World Series in 2013, NESN grew significantly, raising its subscription to $ 4.22 from $ 3.91.


$ 520 million
Today it is the largest company in what has sport technology is also to be the owners of the clubs in Major League Baseball America refers


$ 440 million
Increased global event promoter of mixed martial arts and the UFC brand, which is now synonymous with MMA

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