Vine will soon set up custom URLs

Vine will soon implement a new likely to interest the greatest number: custom URLs! Incredible, no? And certainly everyone has an account on the platform will soon be able to request their own address. When? How? Why? So many questions, so few answers …

All social networks, or nearly all, are long gone for custom URLs. Facebook was one of the first to embark on this great adventure. For Twitter, things are a little different since the platform has always generated easily readable addresses by the Internet, unlike this little rascal Google+. It nevertheless made a lot of efforts and has even set up a similar system last October.

adresse-personnalisee-vineVine decided to join the band. Very soon , users will therefore be able to have a nice address, presented in this way : ” .” Class internationally , and a new way to shine in society. To define our address , it will not be difficult since you will connect us to our account after we visited the site of the platform. The latter then we offer access to a dedicated page for that purpose . A few clicks later , we can finally get our precious sesame and again in the wake of all our cards .

But now, the thing is that everyone will not be housed in the same boat .

Individuals with a verified account and can request their personalized address on December 20 , following the instructions mentioned a little earlier. For ordinary mortals , it will unfortunately wait a few more days since the function will not be available until December 23 .

Do not worry though as you should not be the victim of a nasty cyber- squatter . Vine will automatically reserve the address of your Twitter account. In all likelihood, so you do not should be able to take the address .

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