The Virtues of Direct Mail Marketing

The field of marketing has exploded in many different directions due to all the new technologies available today. And yet, the more traditional marketing forms such as direct mail marketing are still as effective as they ever were. Unlike the more modern forms, direct mail has a proven record of success, as demonstrated by such long time firms as Credit Mail Experts. Here’s some of the reasons why it still works:

Highly Targeted

A direct mailing campaign can be specifically tailored to reach the exact demographic you are seeking. It can also be personalized to seem more relevant to the reader and thereby maximize their chances of responding.

Mail is Physical

Many forms of advertising flow right by the consumer, a moment’s distraction and you missed the commercial. With direct mail, you receive an actual physical object you hold in your hand, which is much harder to ignore. Also, unlike a lot of new technologies, people are familiar with receiving mail.

Mail is Versatile

Mail comes in many formats, from brochures to letters to postcards. It’s also easy to judge the success of a direct mail campaign, since you simply compare the amount you sent out to the responses you got back.

Cost Effective

Compared to the high rates demanded by TV, radio and internet sources, a direct mail campaign is much less expensive. It is especially effective when used to supplement other forms of media campaigns. Definitely take advantage of the new marketing tools, but don’t forget direct mail.

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