When did the war in Gaza

guerra-gazaSoon a month of terrible war in Gaza will be fulfilled, low-Palestinian Gaza amounted to 1717 (1176 were civilians, 377 children and 196 women), across 67 Israelis have been killed (64 soldiers, 2 civilians and a foreign ). But apart from these sad figures, we know really why is the war in Gaza, since when this conflict exists. Join us to meet the most frequently asked questions of the conflict in the Gaza Strip.

This conflict began in the early twentieth century, when Jews were victims of anti-Semitism in Europe, and the Zionist political movement (1) began to take hold.

At that time the region of Palestine (between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea) was considered sacred land to Muslims, for Jews and Catholics, but it was land that belonged to the Ottoman Empire (2) which was inhabited that time mostly Arab and Muslim communities. This Zionist arrival began to bother and create resistance among Arab communities.

The Ottoman empire was dissolved after the First World War and the United Kingdom received the mandate from the League of Nations (3) to administer the territory comprising Palestine. But before, during and after the war the British had made ​​political promises to both Arabs and Jews, which ultimately promises were never fulfilled, which resulted in a rather hostile climate in the Middle East, primarily among Arab nationalists and Zionists (Jews).

Back in World War II and the terrible Holocaust, the pressure to create and establish a Jewish state in the area. The first idea was created from territory controlled by both Jews and Palestinians. In 1948 Israel was founded (May 14, 1948) and literally the next day Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Jordan invaded Israel and dasató what is known as the “First Arab-Israeli war,” this war was basically a territorial problem because the land granted by the United Nations to the Arab territory Israel reduced by half. For Arabs began what they called Nakba (catastrophe or destruction), 750,000 Palestinian fled to neighboring countries expelled by Israeli troops.

In 1956 the tension return, Israel and Egypt would face the Suez Canal. In 1967 (from 5 to 10 June) the famous “Six Day War” began. This war would bring great consequences on many levels, in that conflict Israel crushed the Arab coalition and took the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula (Egypt), West Bank (including much of Jerusalem), the Golan Heights (Syria) Jordan; this time half a million Palestinians fled to neighboring Arab countries.

The penultimate Arab-Israeli conflict was in 1973, in what is known as the “Yom Kippur War”; This time Israel faced Egypt and Syria; Egypt recovered Sinai but not Gaza. 6 years after Egypt became the first country to make peace with Israel, to follow him shortly after Jordan.

What comes subsequent years are many political and social conflicts, the birth of the terrorist group Hamas and the unfortunate war-today in the Gaza Strip. The story is very clear and easy to draw their own conclusions.

1. The political Zionist movement was born with the aim of re-establishing a homeland for the Jewish people in the land of Israel. A dessert would be the biggest promoter of the birth of the state we know today as Israel.

2. The Ottoman Empire was also known as the “Turkish Empire”. It was a multiethnic state (what is now Turkey, Greece, Yemen, Palestine, Syria and Mesopotamia). He had over 650 years of existence in 1923 but was dissolved after World War II.

3. League of Nations is an international organization created by the Versailles Treaty for peace and the reorganization of international relations after the First World War.

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