What is IT consulting

During the planning stage of the operation of a business, it is very important to the proper selection of systems management and administrative support. The system chosen must fit its needs and requirements.

It is also true that there are many companies whose growth has exceeded the capabilities of their systems and applications. There are others who have been in technological backwardness which prevents migration to new systems and technologies. And therefore lack of development negatively affect its performance and results.

A company that provides computer consulting services must provide adequate guidance to its contractors and present the various options available to the market. Both consultant and contractor should participate in choosing the best options for software, hardware, and communications networks that allow the growth of the company and its technological evolution. The contractor’s needs and your budget, and human resources have a decisive impact on the options market. And the ability and talent of the assigned computer consultant shall be conclusive on the decisions made.

The computer consultant shall also take active part in the installation, testing and commissioning of the company’s computing environment. You must provide the systems engineering services, software, or computer support and maintenance, with a dedicated team based on project requirements, providing the best options according to the services it offers and demands of the company.

To determine the best service to be taken into account at least the following factors: real goal of the project, human resource availability, budget, time, and necessity. All influenced by the technical requirements of: systems and computers, networks, backup systems, security environment, software and expertise level of the users.

In general terms we can say that IT consulting more than being a contracted service for a given task is guide and ally of the company. Ritter Software offers computer consulting service quality, specialized and an expert team at your disposal.

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