The writers who won 2014

james-pattersonAlthough many literature ceased to be profitable, some writers continue amassing great fortunes due to sales of their works. Forbes magazine has just published an interesting list of the writers who won 2014, we assure you that surprised.

James Patterson

$ 90 million
The popular American writer ranks first on the list because of the huge success of his thrillers, especially those starring his character psychologist “Alex Cross”. Significantly, this prolific writer released 14 books this past year, with the help of co-authors.

Dan Brown

$ 28 million
The launch of the fourth novel “Robert Langdon”, “Inferno”, which began with the successful “The Da Vinci Code.” This novel has sold 1.4 million copies in the United States and the rights for the film have been sold for 22 million dollars.

Nora Roberts

$ 23 million
Definitely the queen of electronic books, Nora Roberts has sold in this format last year between June and July this year 23 million dollars.

Danielle Steel

$ 22 million
Spent 40 years as a writer and takes 128 titles published with amazing average of almost 3 per year, with an average of 600 million copies sold in approximately the total.

Janet Evanovich

$ 20 million
This writer owes much of its inclusion in this list to your most recent book “Takedown Twenty”, which has been a resounding sales’éxito.

Jeff Kinney

$ 17 million
The successful children’s book series “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” Jeff Kinney placed among the sellers and his books have been made into movies with the same success. “Hard Luck”, the eighth installment of the series sold 3 million copies last year in the United States.

Veronica Roth

$ 17 million
The young author (26 years) of successful youth trilogy “Divergent,” which was a great success on the big screen and two more deliveries are expected.

John Grisham

$ 17 million
His novels “Blackmail” and “Sycamore Row”, both published in the last 2 years, achieved a great success, enough to earn a spot on this list.

Stephen King

$ 17 million
Probably the most famous of the list, countless novels have been made ​​into films and television. This year he released “Doctor Sleep”, the sequel to “The Shining” 1977, probably soon see on the big screen.

Suzanne Collins

$ 16 million
She is the author of the trilogy “The Hunger Games” (27.7 million copies sold in 2012) which had a blockbuster and brought the same result to the movies, plus his series of 5 books, “The Underland chronicles. “which surely also soon see on the big screen.

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